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Drawings and paintings

The Journeyman >

//// The Journeyman was a solo exhibition held at FN Design gallery  from November  2013 to January 2014. It explored the idea of fantastical worlds discovered along a journey of a imaginary character; it was an allegory of the alienated feeling of a migrant.


< Wild Thing et al

Mural painting >

//// Drawings made as a part of a group exhibition, organised by Fathima Mohiuddin (The Domino) held in FN Gallery. These two pieces explore the imagery of representation of historical events in a grandilocuent set up, mixed with a fantasy-made cast of characters.

//// Panel painting. These works were made as a wall painting/street painting demonstration at The Piazza, near The Walk, Dubai Marina.

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< Editorial

Sketchbook >

//// Newspapers and magazines. In the real world, I use to work in the editorial industry,  having experience in working in newspaper as well as book publishing. Here are some samples, mos t of them cover for the weekend edition of Emirates 24|7, a  publication focused in the economic sector.


//// Drawings, sketches. Here is where the ideas come to ligth or get discarded, what mainly here is where the ideas are set free to play. A notebook is an exploration of format, technique and material, that allows you to find more interesting ways to express yourself.

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