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Infographics and design

Metro/ Emirates >

F1 Abu Dhabi >

//// A work centered in data visualization, it was part of a supplement published for the 2010 Abu Grand Prix. The 32-page dossier includes statistics of the  races of the calendar, the history of the competition, as well as a detailed view, in numbers, of each one of the teams participating


//// Infographics centered in transport in separated publications. The topic of the first in a newly acquired airplane featuring exclusive class seats. The other a detailed view of one of the stations of the then recently inaugurated metro system

FIVB/ FIFA Club Cup >

< Zayed Mosque/Saadiyat

//// A panorama of the global landscape in club-footbal competition (FIFA Club World Cup) and in volley (Volleybal World Cup). An exercise in data visualisation, maximizing the space in the use of data.


//// Explanation of the structure of public buildings trough cut out views for understanding of the architectural layout. Both graphics (Zayed Mosque and Zayed Museum)were part of a book published for National UAE day.

< Miscelanea

//// Graphics made in a playful style with the aim of having an approach which was simple about topics that were potentially complicated such as health issues. We try to make this attractive for the reader trough the use of clay figures.

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