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Other works and projects

SIKKA 2014

Gibson/ GoT/Mega

//// Project  made for the 2014 edition of SIKKA Art Fair, curated by HH Sheikha Wafa Al Makthoum and

Kayoko Iemura. This is labyrinth that resembles the city. n installation made of painted carton boxes. In the middle of which there is a dressed figure


//// A set of projects directed by  cultural entrepreneur Mohamed Abbedin, GIbson Art (guitars), Mega 2.0 (action toy) and Game of Shields (metalic shields) are customization adventures, settled within  a particular topic, most of them for charitable auctions.


StreetCon 2014/15

//// A festival of the arts that takes places in Al Ghurair Centre, in the heart of old Dubai, organized by Rollan Rodriguez, of Ape Creative. I participated with a set of rotating boxes in 2015 and with a wall painting in 2014.



//// Difusa is an interactive work that explores the notion of non linearity, of  randomness, and of the stillnes and movement of the visual image, trough different figures that react to the input of the user. Originally developed in 2003, it has been a work in continuous process that originally was developed in macromedia director.



City city

//// City city is a travelogue  made by small videos filmed in Dubai and Lima. The environment and the spontaneity of these works are part of the concept of the work, which takes both cities as a road that is surprising and alluring; creating an emotional geography along the way, and linking those spaces to emotions that are deeply personal, therefore creating a new story which is depicted in the urban landscapes.



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